Thursday, May 5, 2011


well.. well.. well..
How time flies, i know this is cliche.. but i'm going to say it anyways and then you can decide whether or not you want to judge me. IT FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY, when i came to the GREATwonderfulAMAZINGbeautiful University of Oklahoma.. now it's time to go home! yippee skippee. Can't say that i will miss the cubicle that i have unwilliningly called my home for the last 10 months.. I can honestly say that i will miss all of the wonderful friends i have made. Whether they are from Oklahoma, root for thunder, or think Oklahoma is the best place on earth... I would also like to thank my WONDERFUL parents for coming up to Oklahoma and helping me pack and take all of my stuff home (cough, cough). People really undermine my ability to hoard. I fit more things in this room than any person could think possible. It isn't until you go to pack it all, and load your car ALONE that you realize hmm.. maybe i did not need 5 different kinds of lotions, or 30 pairs of shoes. Yes i counted, and i do have 30 pairs of shoes. I do not know if any of you have come across this difficult feat before.. but shoes are the HARDEST thing to pack. They just do not consolidate as nicely as i would like them to. That is all I have for tonight folks..BYEEEE

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

I'd like to say this year on my birthday, i was spoiled! Many wished me a happy birthday and there was plenty of surprises here and there! Although it was sad not being home, i got through it!
Madison drew a self portrait of me on her sidewalk, notice the "down hook'em" feature she included. You have to start them out young, BOOMER!

Personally, i think it looks just like me :)
Thank you everyone for treating me like the princess i am on my birthday! ha

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Earthquake.. this is not a drill

Let me start by saying.. Pulling an all night is NEVER a good idea. It was about 2 am, me and tina were both up still doing homework, and watching TLC.. of course. I then had what i thought at the time was a brilliant idea; to pull an all nighter. If i knew then, what i know now.. I promise you i would have been nestled snug in my bed at 12 like a good student. Around 4 am, i would have loved to have gone to sleep.. i was at the point of no return though and if i would have gone to sleep then, there is no way i would have woken up for spanish at 8 this morning. On a brighter note, we finished ALL of our homework, went and worked out at 6, and then ate breakfast at 7.. sounds like a good deal right? WRONG. 8:30 spanish rolled around, and i thought i was going to die. NEVER pull an all nighter, especially when you don't have time to sleep the next day, and definitely don't do it when nothing you're working on is due the next day.. over achiever i know.
Now let's us talk about what happened after that. I was sitting in spanish minding my own business, when all of a sudden the building started shaking. I am from Texas, i've never once in my life had to worry about an earthquake. That was the last thing i suspected it to be. I actually thought it was a bomb at first, i grabbed my backpack and was about to make a run for it before the building fell to pieces(dramatic i know). I soon realize it was "just" an earthquake, as my teacher put it. What is wrong with these people? Just an earthquake, i was ready for school to be cancelled for the day. Instead we carried on with our spanish lesson, what a bust. Well considering i've gotten 9 hours of sleep in the last 72 hours.. i think it's time for me to call it a night!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I know you all care..

Well, I believe that my life tends to be pretty interesting. As much as i think MTV or TLC should do a reality TV show about my life.. the chances of that actually happening are slim to none. This blog, is about as close as i can get to reaching my dream so here goes. The life of a college kid is well not as awesome as it seems. Who wants to do their own laundry? I know being able to decide when you go to class sounds like a good idea, but i promise you ITS NOT. Living in a cubicle also has its downfalls, no matter how often i clean.. the room is always dirty. In order for me and tina to have the best living conditions (a futon) we've had to sacrifice all entry space. In order to get in and out of our room, or in and out of our bathroom you have to turn your body and shuffle in.. cool i know. We also enjoy the company of suite mates who like to cook fish sticks, and other assortments of smelly foods in their rooms on a daily basis.. Which unfortunately leaks into our room, resulting in us having to change out our scentsy on a daily basis. LUCKILY, we have found a nifty spy tool in our room. There's a metal thing on our wall, and if you put your ear up to it, you can clearly hear what the girls are talking about in the other room. Yes, we do this for fun. I am under the assumption that no one in my hall goes to school EVER, or studies. They spend their free time frolicking in the halls, migrating from room to room, and having movie nights! OH YAY. So family and friends, there's a little glimpse of my life as a college student.. don't worry there's more to come..

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wouldn't you like to be riding your bike when this happens..