Thursday, May 5, 2011


well.. well.. well..
How time flies, i know this is cliche.. but i'm going to say it anyways and then you can decide whether or not you want to judge me. IT FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY, when i came to the GREATwonderfulAMAZINGbeautiful University of Oklahoma.. now it's time to go home! yippee skippee. Can't say that i will miss the cubicle that i have unwilliningly called my home for the last 10 months.. I can honestly say that i will miss all of the wonderful friends i have made. Whether they are from Oklahoma, root for thunder, or think Oklahoma is the best place on earth... I would also like to thank my WONDERFUL parents for coming up to Oklahoma and helping me pack and take all of my stuff home (cough, cough). People really undermine my ability to hoard. I fit more things in this room than any person could think possible. It isn't until you go to pack it all, and load your car ALONE that you realize hmm.. maybe i did not need 5 different kinds of lotions, or 30 pairs of shoes. Yes i counted, and i do have 30 pairs of shoes. I do not know if any of you have come across this difficult feat before.. but shoes are the HARDEST thing to pack. They just do not consolidate as nicely as i would like them to. That is all I have for tonight folks..BYEEEE

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